Dual Time Movement Manual

Congratulations on your new Arbutus watch!

In efforts to become more environmentally friendly, Arbutus is becoming more digital.  Your watch manual will now be available online by simply scanning the QR code on your warranty card or visiting our website.


Operational Manual

9.1 Home Time Setting

    1. Pull the crown out to position 2 (1 click out) to adjust to correct HOME time
    2. Turn the crown counter clockwise to set the hour hand to point to 12:00
    3. Keeping the crown at position 2, turn the crown clockwise and set the ZONE time both hour and minute to 12:00
    4. Both HOME and ZONE time hour hands should be at 12:00 position
    5. Calculate the time different between HOME and ZONE time
    6. Turn the crown clockwise to adjust the ZONE time by adding the hour difference
    7. Turn the crown counter clockwise to set the correct HOME time
    8. Push the crown back to position 1

    9.2 Date Setting

    1. Press S1 to adjust to correct day




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